Optikam Posture Device

Social Distancing with extreme accuracy



We know that if you’re in the optical industry, then you know how to measure PDs and Seg heights. And by now, if you’ve been doing this for some time, then you must be pretty good at it.  


Customers are satisfied with that approach but clearly, they are not impressed with the sharpie pen. Considering the investments that you have made over the years to build up your practice, why would you not equip your dispensary with the latest technology in the industry?


Using the Optikam system allows you to take in less than 1 minute all the measurements needed for free-form lenses. Frankly, what's a minute when you consider that you can be providing your clients with HD vision. When we ask customers about their experience using electronic measurements, they all say that they feel more confident in the practice's ability to get the job done right and that they will share their experience with their friends and family. 


What a great way to delight a customer by offering them a unique experience.


From ONE picture, you can obtain the following measurements:


  • Monocular Pupillary Distance (PD)
  • Multifocal Seg Heights
  • Pantiscopic Tilt (panto)
  • Vertex Distance (RVD)
  • Wrap (face form tilt)
  • Near PD
  • A, B, ED and DBL values

Frame Selection


Is a mirror enough?  Why do customers take pictures of their new frames with their cameras or cell phones? 


Some of them use the pictures to shop online for their new eyewear.  However, most customers have a hard time properly seeing themselves in a mirror and need to take a picture to see how they look in their new eyewear. Then again, is not their problem with their vision the reason they come to you in the first place? 


Instead of having your customers take pictures of their new frames with their cameras or cell phones, you can use the Optikam system to show them that you’re innovative and you care that they look their best before they order their new eyewear.


As for those customers wishing to get an instant second opinion from their loved ones, Optikam's emailing capabilities definitely have you covered. What a great way to reduce the number of visits required to purchase a frame!


Your customers will thank you!



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